Frequently Asked Questions

How does RooflessSolar work?

Clean Energy Collective builds a RooflessSolar (Community Solar) array within your utility’s service territory. Then, as clean power is produced by the RooflessSolar array, power is transferred to your local utility’s grid and distributed to customers across the territory. You, as a participant in the program, receive credit on your electric bill for the power produced by your system located within the array.

How much will I save?

Savings will be determined by the size of your system and the bill credit rates provided by your local utility.

You can select your system online or work with a Clean Energy Collective Solar Specialist to customize a proposal that will provide your estimated monthly and lifetime savings.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a RooflessSolar system varies depending on the available options in your market, your system size, and the individualized system selections. We suggest working with a Solar Specialist to determine which participation option is best for you.

Do I have to maintain anything?

No. All maintenance is handled by Clean Energy Collective. CEC handles all operations and maintenance of the RooflessSolar array. In maintaining the system, we monitor production, file any necessary claims against equipment warranties, and replace otherwise damaged equipment.

How is RooflessSolar different than rooftop solar?

It's out of sight and out of mind!

Many homes and businesses are not ideal for the installation of traditional rooftop solar for reasons including shading limitations, shared rooftop ownership, structural issues, accessibility for maintenance, and HOA limitations, to name a few. Because RooflessSolar is not located on your property, any electric customer – even renters - can participate. RooflessSolar is ideally sited and oriented towards the sun, ensuring optimal solar production with commercial grade equipment.

Do customers need to own a home or building to participate?

No! This is one of the many benefits of owning solar with CEC. Anyone with an electric bill is eligible to purchase solar panels, including both homeowners and renters.

How can I monitor my panels’ performance?

As a CEC customer, you can log on to your My Own Clean Energy account via the CEC website.

There you can see your system's details, review your customer documents, and access real-time information about your portion of the array's production, bill credits, and positive environmental impact.

What do I get?

You are purchasing and owning specific solar panels that will be mounted in a community array that is operated and maintained by Clean Energy Collective.

Is financing available?

Yes! Clean Energy Collective and Sooper Credit Union have teamed up and created the Clean Energy Loan Program, the first low-cost, long-term loan program designed exclusively for Clean Energy Collective members. The Clean Energy Loan Program is the first solar panel financing program that does not require you to own your home or office building, so now everyone can own and use clean renewable energy, even renters.

Do I have to file apply for rebates or file with the IRS tax credits?

No! CEC takes care of everything so that you don't have the hassle of filling out tax credit forms or rebate applications. CEC takes advantage of the rebates and tax credits, passing on the savings to you for a hands-free experience, year after year. Most importantly you won't have to come up with the additional out-of-pocket costs and then wait around for your rebate and tax credits to come back to you.

Will I have to pay additional fees in the future?

No. All of the insurance, management and maintenance for the systems are included in the initial sales price and Operations & Maintenance program. As a customer you will not have to pay any additional out of pocket fees.

Can I buy more panels later?

Absolutely - as long as panels are available. At any time, YVEA Community Solar Array customers may purchase as many panels as it takes to offset their YVEA electric bills.

What happens if I move?

You have many options, including:

  • Have your panels' credits applied to your new YVEA account with just a phone call
  • Resell your panels with your home or separately
  • Donate your ownership to a local non-profit
  • Gift your system to a family member

When will my system have paid for itself?

CEC estimates that the average system will pay for itself in about 13 years, but with options to sell your panels should you have to, owning panels for less than that time can still be financially beneficial.

How can I pay for my panels?

CEC accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. You can also apply online for our low-cost financing from Sooper Credit Union's Clean Energy Loan Program.